Since injection is directly into a human body, vessels to contain injection must have chemical stability and hygiene.

Glass has been considered as the most quality material for injection vessels. In particular, TypeⅠ(Borosilicate glass, neutral glass tubing) that the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) authorized has strong thermal resistance and chemical stability, which makes Type Ⅰthe most appropriate glass for injection vessels.

Not only the quality of glass, but also hygiene is critical to injection vessels, so our company equipped the ultrasonic cleansing machine, which is the only machine in Korea, and the water purification system in order to completely remove in advance glass powders remaining or foreign substances attached on glass vessels.
Our company's highly modernized production line and USP TypeⅠcleaned by the ultrasonic cleansing machine produces clean glass bottles. In order to meet varied demands of customers, we equipped both European "vertical" and the Japanese "horizontal" type machines. Also, vision system of the production line guarantees you 100 percent standards inspection.
From the beginning of warehousing raw materials to the last process of packaging finished products, our company conducts a thorough quality inspection, and then finished products are packaged in a clean room, which is separated from production line.
The quality management division conducts the KP, EP, USP alkaline elution test to guarantee chemical stability.
Recently, it also received confirmation from the State Drug Administration of China (SDA), and is stepping up its efforts for exports to China.