1970.04.15 Established Yeonhap Ampoule Industrial Co.
1972.12 Replace Ampoule forming machine(Manual type) with Semi-automatic ampoule forming machine
1973.08 Adopt Automatic Vial Forminng Machine(European type)
1974.11 Relocation of plant(Sungsu-dong 2Ga, Seoul)
1970.6.20 Adopt Automatic Ampoule forming machine(European type)
1977.08.03 Renamed as Yeonhap Glass Co., ltd
1979.04.10 Appointed as a Superior Enterprise by the Jeil Bank
1982.12.14 Export Ampoule to Japan
1983.06.15 Appointed as a Superior Enterprise by the Industrial Bank of Korea
1984.07.01 Relocation of Suwon plants(19-2 Wau-ri, Kyunggi-Do)
1986.05.12 Export Vial to India
1987.06 Acquisition of Universial, the vacuum bottle company
1988.05.09 Acquire Q mark (Korea testing & research institute)
1988.08.13 Received a confirmation for quality management from the Korea agency for Technology and Standard
1988.12.06 Appointed OEM of KUMSEONG(Vacuum bottle, Lunch box)
1991.12.06 Appointed OEM of DAEWOO (Vacuum bottle, Lunch box)
1992.01.14 Export Stainless Vacuum bottle to Japan
1992.02.20 Expport Stainless Vacuum bottle & Food Jar to Canada
1993.11.30 The Trade day Award from the Commerce, Industry and Energy Minister
1997.05.30 Completion of air ventilation system
1997.03.03 The Tax day Award from National tax service commissioner
1999.12.15 Completion of Ultrasonic cleansing equipment and Vacuum dryer
2000.02.24 Expansion of warehouse for the glass raw material (230 pyong)
2001.03.21 Export Vial to China
2002.11.17 Registration approval by the State Drug Administration of China
2003.09.30 Integrated system for quality management data(Vision system) is complete
2007.06.09 Relocation of Anseung Plant