In 1987, witnessing the living standard of people improve to a great degree, the company promptly perceived the widespread of people's urge for outdoor activities and launched a new business for vacuum bottle. Now, its top brand, "Universal," becomes widely known to many consumers.
Based on Yeonhap Glass's long time experience in the market and advanced technology competence in vacuum flask, consumers' recognition of the brand has increased consistently.

Since medical supply is a product that is directly related to the life and health of a human being, the significance of a container for injection by needle cannot be stressed enough as the influence that the vessel might cause on what is inside.
In this regard, the company equipped the ultrasonic cleansing machine, which is the only machine in Korea, and the water purification system in order to completely remove glass powders remaining or foreign substances attached on glass vessels. Not only that, the automated vision-based inspection system examines the standards of finished products, and detect any minute defects. Presently, the company has provided ampoule and vial of the highest quality with around 100 local pharmaceutical companies and also exported a large amount to China, Japan, India and other Southeast Asian nations. The company is now stepping up its efforts to encroach overseas markets.